Watch: Chris Brown Manages to Avoid a DUI in Amsterdam [Video]

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Chris Brown got pulled over while riding a motorcycle in Amsterdam right after indulging in some of the country’s herbal delicacies — aka marijuana.

While Chris was stopped for riding the bikes without plates, TMZ reports that he managed to evade a DUI charge since he just lit up moments prior.

The police pulled Chris and his crew over, clearly not knowing he was famous. When Brown’s posse dropped the “do-you-know-who-he-is” card, the main cop’s knowledge was only as deep as Elvis.

Chris was ticketed and then taken to the station to pay the fine.

As for the super serious charge, Chris clearly could have been busted for DUI, because just minutes before hopping on the bike he and his buddies smoked out a coffee shop.

Check out the clips:

Despite the stop, Chris says his experience with the Amsterdam police was a ‘nice’ one.


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…and they even posed for a photo together. Cute…we guess.


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