Watch: Chicago Residents Hold Block Party Amid COVID-Outbreak, Street Fight Ensues

COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Black and brown communities in alarming numbers, but that hasn’t stopped Chicago residents from holding unsafe parties.

via TMZ:

A throng of folks hit the streets of West Chi-Town Saturday night for a rager. A woman twerked on the hood of a car as the crowd roared its approval.

Chicago has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, and Mayor Lightfoot pled with Chicago residents Saturday not to defy the doctors and scientists. It’s one thing to go out and get exercise, adhering to social distancing … it’s another to pack in like sardines, which is a surefire way to spread the virus.

The Mayor has cause for deep concern. Late last month there was a shocking scene at a Chicago house party where it seemed impossible to cram one more person inside. As you know by now, high concentrations of people — like at funerals or celebrations — can cause an explosion of COVID19 cases.

Not only was there a party, but a fight broke out — and you know that crosses ALL types of social distancing guidelines.

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