Watch: Car Plows Through Peaceful Protesters in Newport Beach, Driver Arrested [Video]

A peaceful protest in Newport Beach was interrupted by a reckless driver in a Mini Cooper who decided to speed through the crowd.

via TMZ:

Local news captured the crazy moment as the car sped through the SoCal beach town Wednesday and appeared to come close to plowing into several protesters. The driver did strike a bicyclist, according to reports.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident, and Newport Beach PD caught up with the driver — a resident of Newport — and took him into custody. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. He’s reportedly cooperating with the investigation, and a police rep says they don’t believe this was a deliberate action.

Doesn’t make it less scary, though … and vehicles plowing through crowds during the period of unrest over Floyd’s death has become an all-too-common sight.

Two NYPD police cruisers rammed into protesters last weekend, and there have been multiple cases of vehicles hitting cops, as well.

A police rep says they don’t believe WHAT? This was CLEARLY a deliberate action.

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