Watch: Angry Trump Supporter Harasses Black Man for Using Running Track to Work Out, Gets Called Out By Little Girl [Video]

A man, who identifies himself as a Trump supporter, found himself trying to pop off on a Black man who he claims was in ‘his’ lane on a running track — but ended up getting called out by onlookers…including a little girl.

via TMZ:

It appears the track is somewhere in Maryland. The white guy is apoplectic because the black guy was standing and exercising in the lane he was using.

It could almost be an episode right out of “Seinfeld” … a fight over nothing. There are dueling cellphones at work as the groups’ jawbones back and forth. No racial epithets are hurled during the verbal confrontation, but it seems the white guy thinks he’s being set up to look racist.

Check out the white girl in the video. She’s just hanging out in one of the lanes, and the guy isn’t objecting to her presence. The girl asks why it’s okay for her to stand in a lane but not the guy … and the black guy’s friends say that’s exactly what’s up.

It appears the white guy has used the track for years, and seems to feel some entitlement to use the lanes as he sees fit. He could have just walked or ran around the guy who was standing on the track, but that wasn’t in his playbook.

In the end, the guy walks away voicing his hearty approval for Donald Trump.

Watch the video below. Another reason to make sure we get Trump out of office to give these racists one less thing to celebrate. Please take a second to check your voter registration or register to vote here.


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