Watch Alt-Right YouTuber Beg Cop For Mercy After Obnoxious Anti-Mask Stunt Backfires [Video]

Baked Alaska thought it was funny to harass staff — until the cops showed up.

The alt-right YouTuber known as Baked Alaska had his channel banned after posting a series of cruel and obnoxious videos harassing store staff for asking him to wear a mask.

The Unite the Right activist, conspiracy theorist and former Buzzfeed staffer — real name Tim Gionet — uploaded two videos of himself insulting staff members while refusing to wear face coverings or leave the stores.

In one foul-mouthed clip, he disgustingly taunts a female convenience store worker over her weight and appearance, while threatening to fight her colleague.

Warning: Graphic language

“F–k you and f–k your masks, you f–king communists,” he spits at staff as he leaves and heads to another store — but his bravery will soon leave him.

In a second video he walks into a sports store, and is asked by an employee if he’d like a complimentary mask, which he accepts, only to toss it back at them and shout obscenities.

He continues to obnoxiously walk around the store perusing items and refusing to leave, while his followers laugh along; those that donate money to him during the live-stream have their equally despicable comments read aloud by an automated voiceover.

But his demeanor quickly changes when a police officer walks in and informs him he is being detained.

“Stop. Put your camera down. Hands behind your back,” the officer orders. “You’ve committed trespassing. I already talked to them on the way here, they asked you five times to leave, that’s more than enough.”

When Gionet pleads “I’m leaving right now, sir,” the officer informs him: “Doesn’t matter, you lost that opportunity.”

“Can you please let me leave sir?” he begs. “I won’t come back in here”; but the officer is unmoved.

And it wasn’t just the cops who were unimpressed; anyone looking for his YouTube channel on Tuesday was met with a “page isn’t available” error message. “Try searching for something else.”

Gionet first gained attention as a Buzzfeed employee, claiming to support Black Lives Matter from a libertarian platform; however he left the site in 2016 bemoaning political correctness, declaring his support for Donald Trump and becoming embroiled in several anti-Semitic and racist controversies.

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