Watch: 50 Cent Throws Chair at Familiar Foe During Heated Exchange at a New Jersey Restaurant [Video]

50 Cent  apparently ran into a former instigator while out eating with a woman in New Jersey and the confrontation resulted in a chair-throwing brawl.

via TMZ:

The incident went down Wednesday night in the patio area at the Edgewater Commons Mall in Edgewater, NJ … where the rapper was enjoying drinks with a woman sitting on the other end of the table.

We’re told at some point a man outside walked up to 50’s area and exchanged words before the incident turned violent. You can see in the video Fiddy grabbed a table and launched it in the man’s direction. It ended up hitting a Lexus. Fiddy then picked up a chair and tossed it at the man, who at that point had ripped off his shirt looking for a fight. The man ultimately fled, and 50 and his companion also left … hopping into his white Rolls-Royce.

Law enforcement tells us no arrests were made and they will NOT pursue charges.

As for the man who got in 50’s grill … a source close to the rapper tells us the man was filming and talking smack. Our sources say it’s the same guy who got up in 50’s face last year outside a movie theater, trying to get the mogul to check out his Instagram.

Check out the video below.

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