Watch: 17-Year-Old White Supremacist Identified as Kyle Rittenhouse Shoots and Kills Two Protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin -- Police Let Him Go [Video]

Amid ongoing protests in the wake of Kenosha, WI, police shooting and paralyzing Jacob Blake, one man with an AR confronted protestors on Tuesday before opening fire and killing two.

He then managed to brazenly walk past police and disappear.

via TMZ:

The protest centered around the courthouse and got out of hand, with water bottles, rocks and fireworks aimed at police. The police then fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd, which then dispersed and moved several blocks.

That’s when the white vigilante appears on video with his gun. He reportedly had already shot someone several blocks away, and he was being chased by protesters who were trying to subdue him.

The vigilante falls to the ground as he’s being chased and then begins unloading his weapon, striking and killing 2 people.

And, then the unthinkable happens. As police swarm the area in patrol cars and fortified vehicles, the vigilante — gun clearly visible around his chest — put his hands up in the air. The police vehicles all pass him, as the crowd screams he’s the shooter.

It’s a stunning contrast … the white vigilante posed a clear and present danger, even if cops didn’t know he was the shooter, yet Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man, was shot in the back 7 times as he tried to get in his car. Jacob is now paralyzed from the waist down.

The man in question has been identified on the internet as 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

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