Walmart Cancelled Gunna’s $100K Christmas Giveaway, But The Rapper And His Team Gave Out $100K In Gifts To Families Anyways

Gunna and his team have given out over $1,000 in gift cards to families in need after the YSL rapper was forced to cancel his annual Christmas Giveaway.

via: Uproxx

Gunna has run his “Gunna’s Great Giveaway” at Christmastime for years. In fact, the rapper and sunglasses brand Goodr were set to do the 5th annual Giveaway this year in conjunction with Wal-Mart. But when Gunna struck a plea deal that got him out of Fulton County jail after seven months in exchange for a guilty plea on racketeering charges, Walmart decided to cancel the giveaway.

While a sadly predictable move for a corporation trying to distance themselves from a rapper with a new blotch on his criminal record, this was disappointing for the 1,000 families who had signed up for Gunna’s giveaway. So, Gunna and his team took matters into their own hands and still decided to give out $100,000 in gift cards and gifts to the families who had signed up for the giveaway.

“It was essential to Gunna, his Great Giveaway Family Foundation, and Goodr to make sure that families received the assistance promised to them no matter what,” Goodr CEO Jasmine Crowe said in a statement. They added, “We contacted all 1,000 families this week. Working with the City Of South Fulton, every family received their gift cards and gifts today. It’s important to note this event is in its fifth year. Since 2018, we have worked with Gunna to host his $100K Christmas Giveaway — this was not a first-time event.”

Well this is awesome, any way you slice it. A lesson in never let the corporate BS stand in your way. Happy holidays to Gunna.

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