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Waka Flocka Flame Slams Tory Lanez For Joking About Funeral [Photo]

At this point Tory Lanez is never getting of the sick and shut in list, he like Kevin Hart continues to step in it.

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In the wake of the many deaths in the entertainment industry, jokes about death and funeral are not really appreciated. Tory Lanez seemingly didn’t get the memo as he took to his Twitter account to share in a joking manner what he expects at his memorial ceremony.

The Canadian star wrote in a tweet on Friday, November 27, “At my funeral , I need one of my closest n****s to monitor the door …..” The “Quarantine Radio” host went on to say, “just to see certain n****s and be like ‘nah nah he ain’t even f**k with u like that.’ ” Tory apparently deleted the post, but not before HollywoodUnlocked screenshot it and reposted it on its Instagram account.

“#ToryLanez on his funeral plans. Thoughts?” the account wrote in the caption. Waka caught wind of the post and didn’t waste time to criticize Tory for the ill-timed joke. “Stop playing with death like you can return back from it,” so the former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member wrote in the comment section.

Fans loved Waka’s response as one said, “Period!! It seem like these kinda tweets are outliving these rappers… there is power in the tongue.” Similarly, another person reacted, “He’s right, the power of the tongue is no joke,” with someone else adding, “The power is in the tongue, better be careful of what you speak over your life.”

However, some others thought that the husband of Tammy Rivera needs to chill a little bit. “Waka, it wasn’t that serious bruh,” one fan told the rapper. Echoing the sentiment, someone commented, “Waka need to go help his boy Trump count them invisible votes & stay out of other people’s business. .. Everyone will die some day.”

This year a number of beloved celebrities, including Pop Smoke, King Von, Mo3, Chyna Rogers, Lexii Alijai, Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Alex Trebek, Bert Belasco, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Little Richard and Eddie Van Halen, passed away. Additionally, nearly 1.4 million people lost their lives to novel coronavirus.

If Waka’s problematic self is checking you, pretty sure you are dead wrong.

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