Viral Subway Singer Proves the Real Deal by Nailing 'Shallow' on Ellen [Video]

“My dad always said to me, ‘Wherever you are, always sing. Never give up,'” Charlotte Awbery confessed on the show.

Charlotte Awbery proved she’s no fluke by performing on “The Ellen Show” on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old singer took the internet by storm last week when a video of her pitch-perfect take on the song “Shallow” was uploaded by comedian Kevin Freshwater, who was challenging random commuters in a subway station to continue singing a song he began for his “Finish The Lyrics” segment.

“All she was trying to do was catch a train on the London Tube and now she has one of the hottest videos on the internet,” said host Ellen DeGeneres before Awbery slayed a full rendition of the Oscar-winning ditty.

Afterwards, the humble Essex, England resident denied the gossip that the video was a planned promotional event, as many speculated online.

“I was literally on my way to meet my friend,” she confessed, adding, “I’m sorry, I’m so blown away that I’m actually sitting next to you. This is — honestly, I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all of this. Thank you so much for having me.”

She said she has been singing for close to 15 years at weddings and local restaurants, adding, “My dad always said to me, ‘Wherever you are, always sing — never give up.’ He was right.”?

Awbery was blown away by the fact that the subway video has now been viewed over 60,000,000 times, with DeGeneres stating the singer had gone from “4,000 Instagram followers to 400,000.”

And one of her new followers was pop star Ariana Grande, to which Awbery commented, “I followed her back! One of my friends told me this and I followed her back!”

Freshwater was in the studio audience and revealed how he was taken by surprise when he first approached Awbery, adding that she deserves all the good fortune that has come her way.

DeGeneres said she hopes the pair remain in each other’s lives as they have mutually benefited from the viral sensation.

The daytime talk show host then gifted the gifted vocalist with a year-long pass to the Tube and a cash reward of £10,000.

Watch Awbery prove she’s the real deal in the video above!

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