Vince Vaughn 'Canceled' After Viral Video of Him Shaking Hands with Trump

“Ladies & gentlemen, I regret to inform you Vince Vaughn is CANCELED,” one Twitter user wrote.

Vince Vaughn is being ripped on Twitter after he was spotted shaking hands with President Donald Trump at the college football national championship game in New Orleans Monday night.

In a video posted by journalist Timothy Burke, Vaughn, 49, who was sat alongside POTUS and Melania Trump in a VIP suite, was seen chatting it up with the president and the first lady. The “Wedding Crashers” star then stood up, seemingly to leave, but not before he shook Trump’s hand with a smile.

After the exchange went viral, many people took to Twitter to slam Vaughn, with some even declaring the “Dodgeball” actor “canceled.”

“Ellen thought she had it rough… Keep Vince Vaughn in your prayers tonight,” a person wrote in response, referencing the Ellen DeGeneres-George W. Bush moment from October.

“‘Vince Vaughn meets with President Donald Trump at the College Football Playoff Championship’ has to be near the top of the list of sentences you would not believe in 2004,” a user joked and another added, “Ladies & gentlemen, I regret to inform you Vince Vaughn is CANCELED.”

Another person pointed out how Vaughn is one of their “favorite” actors, but called the moment “gross,” adding, “I don’t need a Wedding Crashers sequel anymore.” Similarly, a former fan said they were “profoundly disappointed” over the encounter. “I want nothing more to do with him,” the person wrote. “Once upon a time I found him quite entertaining. Not anymore.”

For those who don’t know, Vaughn is a vocal Libertarian and supported Republican Senator Rand Paul during the 2016 presidential election.

See more reactions in the tweets below.

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