Videos Emerge of Anti-Vaxxer Mom's Arrest Over Playground 'Play Date'

“Arrest me for being in the park, do it!” she challenges — so he does.

Videos of the confrontation between police and an Idaho mother over her refusal to leave a playground have emerged.

The women gathering at the park insisted it was a simple play date — but critics claim it was a protest organized by far-right groups against coronavirus lockdown orders.

Several videos of the face-off began circulating online, as a number of the women participating were filming and streaming live.

The videos show the moment 40-year-old Sara Walton Brady was arrested and taken away in cuffs, after police eventually lost patience having asked her to leave several times.

“But we have to still pay taxes,” she argues at the start of one clip. “We don’t need a refund on the parks we’re paying for.”

After being told the order was to protect them, she replies: “Protect us from vitamin D and letting our kids play in the sunshine?”

One officer eventually gives her a five-second countdown to leave. “Arrest me for being in the park, do it!” she challenges — so he does.

The rest of the mothers — some simultaneously carrying guns and babies — amass on the officers as they lead her away, insisting they should refuse orders on moral grounds, shouting statistics about coronavirus being no more deadly than the flu, and eventually comparisons to Nazi Germany.

Mother, Sara, gets arrested at the local playground, for asking questions. She was respectful and being compliant, but asking questions. She told her kids to stay on the grass. The police officer gave her an ultimatum after she asked a question, and told her to get off the playground in 5 seconds and started counting down. He could have walked with her to the grass and none of this would have happened. Remember: “It’s for your safety.”

Posted by Ashley Everly on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

According to the Idaho Statesman, Brady is an anti-vax campaigner who runs the Facebook group Idahoans for Vaccine Freedom, and was involved in a protracted dispute with her son’s school about its vaccination policy.

She was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and released later on Tuesday.

But after her release, protest against her arrest organized by the Second Amendment Alliance moved from city hall to the home of the police officer who arrested her, which had to be guarded by four of his on-duty colleagues.

“I didn’t wake up today thinking, I’m taking my kids to the park to get arrested — but when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!” she told supporters after her release, according to the Statesman. “We have a duty to stand up to tyranny, or we’re gonna lose our republic.”

There have been more than 877,000 recorded cases of coronavirus in the United States so far, and almost 49,000 deaths. Idaho alone accounts for 1,766 cases, 51 of them fatal.

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