Video of Nurses Dancing with COVID-19 Body Bag Goes Viral -- Sparks Outrage

The clip appears to mimic the dancing Ghanian pallbearers meme

A new TikTok video featuring dancing nurses carrying a coronavirus body bag is stirring controversy on online.

The brief clip features four unidentified people wearing medical uniforms walking down a hospital hallway while carrying a body covered in plastic with a sign on the feet that reads “COVID-19”.

It is unknown if the body is real or not.

The video appears to be in reference to the popular dancing Ghanaian pallbearers meme, which has been used recently as a morbid reminder to adhere to social distancing rules and stay-at-home mandates.

Social media was in an uproar, as the video was deemed by some to be in poor taste.

“Everyone who participated in this should have their medical licenses permanently revoked. This is abhorrent.” posted one online follower.

Another wrote, “A little down time is a chat or a laugh with your colleagues on your breaks, not choreographing juvenile dances when people are dying in the same building. It’s tasteless.”

However, some thought the TikTok was meant to be in support of the the frontliners as the body represents COVID-19 and the medical professionals had defeated the disease.

“They are carrying Covid19’s dead body — because they just beat it. To the sound of the funeral meme that has been going around, I think people are overinterpretting this tiktok. It isn’t nurses carry a body of a person who died of Covid-19,” shared one Twitter user, as another wrote, “The bag says Covid 19 like they are killing the virus — c’mon guys.”

According to recent media reports, there have been 3,386,084 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide, with 238,768 deaths.

In the United States, there have been 1,121,399 confirmed cases with 65,297 deaths.

Watch the polarizing video above.

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