Video of Mariah Carey Pushing Diane Warren on a Red Carpet Goes Viral As People Confuse Her For Ghislaine Maxwell

Warren may be a Grammy-winning songwriter, but her Twitter trolling skills are also top-notch.

The internet has been confusing songwriter Diane Warren for Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

On Tuesday, an old clip of Mariah Carey jokingly shoving Warren at a red carpet event went viral as many fans assumed it was Maxwell the pop diva had pushed — due to a similarity in appearance.

However, Warren, an award-winning songwriter, added fuel to the fire by jokingly denying it was her in the video.

“The way she threw Ghislaine,” a Twitter user wrote alongside the clip.

“U guys… this is diane warren,” a fan tweeted in reply.

Warren then chimed in, repeatedly telling users that she wasn’t in the clip.

“Ummm no it’s not,” Warren wrote in response to the fan.

“That’s Diane Warren. Which almost makes it funnier,” another user tweeted, to which the Grammy winner replied, “It def makes it funnier but not me funny enough!!”

After going back and forth with some fans, Warren eventually let the fans know she was joking. “Actually it is!” she wrote in the thread.

When another fan asked Warren if she was “embarrassed” that Carey had pushed her, Warren quipped, “I’m not embarassed [sic] at all I thought it was funny and she’s pretty strong to lift me like that!”

Another user questioned how Warren could forget Carey “throwing [her] across the room,” to which she replied, “I didn’t forget!! It was very memorable!!!”

Then a Twitter user shared four photos of celebrities posing with who they thought was Maxwell, when in reality Epstein’s right hand was in three out of the four photos. The bottom left was a picture of Warren posing with Lady Gaga.

Warren corrected the fan, writing, “Ummm the one on the bottom left isn’t Ghislaine tho!!”

Maxwell was recently arrested in New Hampshire on multiple charges related to the sexual abuse of underage girls while allegedly conspiring with Epstein.

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