Vampire Diaries Stars Paul Wesley and Matthew Davis Get Into Twitter Feud Over VP Debate [Photo]

Davis has since deleted a number of his tweets, after Wesley tells him he’s “better than that.”

“Alaric” was trending on Thursday morning, after Matthew Davis — AKA Alaric Saltzman on “The Vampire Diaries” and current CW series “Legacies” — went head-to-head with costar Paul Wesley during the Vice Presidential debate Wednesday night.

The back and forth between the two began when Davis showed support for VP Mike Pence by tweeting, “It’d be nice if the moderator would stop interrupting Pence and let him finish his point.”

Wesley replied, writing, “It would also be nice if pence answered the question he was originally asked rather than deflecting.”

His costar then called Wesley’s previous support of Hillary Clinton in 2016 into question. “Paul likes to vote for criminals and losers, just like he did in 2016,” wrote Davis, “Your opinion on the matter carries little weight as far as I’m concerned. Next.”

“You’re mistaken!” Wesley responded. “I didn’t vote for trump in 2016.” He followed that up by writing, “Alaric drank some vervain he’s losing it.” On the show, vampires who ingested the herb vervain would become weak.

Wesley endorsed Clinton in 2016 and has been pro-Joe Biden/Kamala Harris in 2020. While it doesn’t appear he’s explicitly said he’s voting for Trump, Davis has been recently retweeting POTUS’ post-hospitalization videos, as well as news stories about anyone endorsing him in this election. During the presidential debates, he did, however, say both candidates were “equally incoherent.”

Davis responded to the vervain tweet with a “Yawn,” prompting Wesley to say, “Lighten up baby boy u know u miss me.” Davis then shared some of the nasty tweets he was getting from others amid their Twitter feud, telling Wesley, “Your fans are super classy … You must be proud.”

Paul replied by calling the grabs “low hanging fruit,” adding, “Why would I be proud/condone that? You’re better than that Ernesto. Screen grabbing garbage and tweeting at me won’t buy you any points.”

After all was said and done, Davis deleted almost all of his messages to Wesley, aside from the “Yawn.” All of Paul’s responses, however, are still on his page. Wesley also independently tweeted, “@ImMatthewDavis love you buddy.”

In one of the debate tweets he still has posted, Davis criticized Harris by writing, “Just a reminder Kamala Harris was one of the first candidates to drop out of the Democratic primary because of how unpopular she was within her own party.”

He also retweeted Trump’s latest video message earlier in the day and, on Tuesday, wrote about why he believes people support the MAGA cause.

“MAGA has never been about Trump. It’s not even his slogan, it was Reagan’s,” he wrote. “Until people realize Trump is a symptom and not the cause, someone else will just take his place and the fight will continue. You can defeat Trump, but you can never defeat the love of this country.”

“People love Trump because he’s given voice to those who feel bamboozled by the last 4 administrations,” he added. “They forgive his course nature because he has the courage to take on an entrenched bureaucracy that seems more than [happy] to sell off America bit by bit to the highest bidder.”

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