While on Vacation in Hawaii, Britney Spears Thanks Drew Barrymore For ‘Bringing Light to My Wedding’ [Photo]

Britney Spears’ wedding this summer had quite the guest list, including Donatella Versace, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore.

via: Billboard

After Drew Barrymore gushed about Britney Spears‘ “fairy-tale” wedding on The Tonight Show earlier this week, Brit returned the favor in an Instagram post on Thursday (Sept. 15), praising the actress and daytime talkshow host for lighting up her life.

“Thank you for bringing light to my wedding!!!,” Spears wrote while acknowledging their respective challenges and the impact of the fan-led “Free Britney” movement on her successful push to get out of a restrictive 13-year conservatorship. “Yes there was so much light in the room!!! We have both been through so much and you declaring my cry for freedom in a country where we are all equal is not only in verb with HUMANITY!!! It calls for every person who fought for me in a time where just a silly and childish ‘Free Britney’ shirt actually had more meaning to me than just that !!!”

Spears also thanked Barrymore for reminding her on the night of her wedding to longtime love Sam Asghari to do one very important thing: “smile with my eyes closed!!!”

On the Tonight Show, Barrymore describe the pair’s relatively new friendship, explaining that they’ve bonded in a very “honest” way. “We’ve both been through a lot of things. We have some parallels that are unique in their circumstances,” Barrymore explained of their shared sense of growing up in the spotlight and struggling as child stars. “All the stuff that we’ve both gone through is something that I felt connected to her.”

The post continued, diving into Spears’ joy at being in her happy place: Maui. She said she’s visited the Hawaiian island many times and that it, “never gets old here. I find my inner goddess!!! I sweat, cry, run, swim, and play!!!! Mother Nature speaks to me in a different way !!! I feel like I’m guided to where my heart flies!!! Life can be so crazy!!! So in times like this I reel it in to find my grounds and pray !!! Sitting still and listening to my voice within!!! I meditate everyday and try to understand the meaning of self love.”

Also, she’s very into carrot juice, illustrated by the image accompanying the post: a bottle of carrot juice.

Check out Britney’s post below.

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