Usher Serenaded A Fan And Seductively Fed Them Strawberries, Which Made A Whole Lot Of People Jealous [Video]

Usher has become the King of Vegas, with his highly successful residency.

via: Uproxx

Usher Raymond IV, known simply as Usher, has a career spanning over two decades. Although he’s changed quite a bit since his debut in the early 1990s, his longstanding status as R&B’s heartthrob hasn’t wavered once. Recently, the crooner raved about how the K-pop group Blackpink has inspired him, even potentially converting him into a stan of the genre. But it is highly unlikely that one particularly steamy segment incorporated into his live show was taken from the group.

In a viral video, one concertgoer captured the “Hey Daddy” singer serenading a fan while seductively feeding them strawberries. While it isn’t explicitly clear where this steamy session went down, it is safe to assume that this consensually kinky interaction went down at his Usher: My Way Las Vegas residency.

The lucky lady is lost in her trance as the Grammy Award-winning vocalist walks directly up to her as the volunteer for the segment.

But not everyone in the room was as excited as she was. After the video began to gain steam online, users began to screenshot a few jealous gentlemen in the crowd.

They weren’t alone in the jealousy, as fans that weren’t in the building shared how that should’ve been them instead.

This isn’t the first time the singer took a break between songs to bestow some love onto a woman in the audience. A few weeks ago, rapper and mogul Queen Latifah attended to show to celebrate her birthday, and Usher stopped his set to gift her with a dozen red roses.

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