USC Student Threatens Suicide, Alums Could Have Degrees Stripped as Admissions Bribery Investigation Expands

The USC admissions scandal isn’t going away anytime soon — in fact, it’s only getting worse.

One student has already threatened to commit suicide after learning her parents bought her way into school.

via TMZ:

USC sources familiar with the investigation say the girl was grief-stricken because her parents chose Singer to help her gain admission. We’re told the university has investigated and determined in this case Singer’s services were legit. Our sources say the girl is now receiving counseling.

Our sources say the investigation has broadened significantly and university officials now say they are looking to revoke degrees of alums who gained admission by fraud. We’re told university officials believe they have 8 cases where alums used Rick Singer’s services in a suspicious manner.

Our sources say in all 8 cases, the students used the Athletic Placement Services … similar to the way Olivia Jade and Isabella gained admission. We’re told there is one case where an alum “self-reported” — meaning he contacted the university and blew the whistle on himself — saying he cheated on the ACT test with the help of Singer. The alum played football and received a scholarship, even though we’re told he did not meet the academic standards for athletes. We’re told the university will not take action against the alum, in part because he self-reported.

Sources tell us … USC officials are interviewing members of the athletic staff other than those already indicted.

The university is working with other “victim schools” and, so far it’s not clear which schools had the most abuse in the admissions process.

Our sources say USC officials are currently working with both the U.S. Attorney and FBI.

We’re told the university will resolve the fraudulent admissions cases in 2 to 3 weeks.

And finally, USC is retaining an outside auditing agency to design a fraud prevention plan.

What’s crazy is that USC is just ONE school. We’re sure this problem is far more widespread.

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