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Uncle Luke Comes to Diddy’s Defense, Floats Conspiracy Theory His Legal Woes are Related to Diageo Lawsuit

Former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has come to Sean Diddy” Combs’ defense.

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Rumors surrounding Sean “Diddy” Combs and his lifestyle have been circulating for years, so for many, his latest lawsuits and raids have been a long time coming. For Uncle Luke, the answer lies in the mogul being targeted after suing Diageo for negligence last year.

“When you get your billions, and they put you on a pedestal, that’s because they put you up on a pedestal,” the Florida rapper said during an Instagram Live this week. “They made you the guy. They place you on every network. They sold you to all y’all on here. […] They put you up on a pedestal because they need you. It’s like some pimp sh*t.”

The “I Wanna Rock” artist referenced the common phrase “Never bite the hand that feeds you,” believing that the Bad Boy founder standing up for himself and fighting back against his former liquor distributor led to his undoing. “This is how the major corporations work when you try to come after them,” he said. “Now you put a lawsuit in. Bam! ‘F**k that sh*t, I’m suing their ass. I’m taking their company down’ […] This man cost that liquor company billions of dollars!” Luke also believes that Puff should be receiving more support from the community.

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Uncle Luke’s latest comments interestingly juxtapose his revelation about Diddy’s parties earlier this week. He joined the We In Miami podcast and was asked about the Bad Boy founder’s infamous soirees.

“I would go to the party and leave early,” he said. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what goes on after hours but I wasn’t trying to find out. I know my place.” The rap legend said a lot without saying much at all, especially given everything that has come out about the former Making The Band star in the last few months.

Luke also spoke about being sampled on French Montana’s 2012 record “Pop That,” admitting that he wasn’t aware they flipped “I Wanna Rock.” He declined his invitation to be in the music video and said he didn’t want to be paid for the song. He clarified there was no issue between himself, Diddy, French Montana, or the other featured artists, and stated that the entire situation just wasn’t his “vibe.”

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