Uh Oh: The Repo Man Is Coming After Tyga's Mama's Range Rover


Tyga’s financial woes are beginning to have an effect on his loved ones.

Last week, Kylie Jenner got ordered to answer to Tyga’s finances under oath. Now, Tyga’s mom might get her car repossessed.

via TMZ:

A woman in Orange County has filed docs against the rapper claiming she acted as a middleman on a Range Rover lease for Tyga’s mom. The woman says Tyga started missing payments on the whip … and she’s ready to report it stolen if he doesn’t buck up. 

We know … you and Kylie Jenner have heard this story before.

The Range is far from standard — it’s a loaded Evoque, with a sticker price around $60k. We’re told Tyga’s payments come in at about $1k a month … when he makes ’em, that is.

Tyga’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, tells us the rapper’s put together a totally new team of top accountants, business managers and attorneys to help clear up some issues that came up when he didn’t have legit representation. We’re told they’re working around the clock to pay his debts and make sure he won’t ever be taken advantage of again.

Hopefully Tyga’s learned some better money management from his girl Kylie.

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