Tyson Beckford and DJ Ruckus Get Into a Bloody Club Brawl Over Shanina Shaik

tyson beckford dj ruckus

Tyson Beckford and DJ Ruckus reportedly got into a physical fight over the weekend — all because of a woman.

via TMZ:

It happened Thursday at Up & Down nightclub in NYC. Tyson and Ruckus have had ongoing beef over Shanina Shaik. Tyson, who was friends with Ruckus, was dating Shanina, broke up and then Ruckus hooked up with her. Tyson maintained his friendship with Shanina, which pissed Ruckus off.

We’re told Ruckus saw Tyson in the club, flipped him off, and then Beckford went over to Ruckus and said if he had beef with him they should “take it out in the street.” That’s exactly what happened.

We’re told the fight was violent.  At one point Tyson was on top of Ruckus, pounding away, when one of Ruckus’ friends began punching Beckford in the head.  

It didn’t end there. Ruckus punched Tyson in the groin, and Tyson returned the favor with his knee.

A doorman called the cops, and by the time cops got there the 3 men were gone.  

No arrests were made. 

Tyson is TOO old (and TOO fine) to be fighting anybody. What would he do if DJ Ruckus got to his face?

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