Tyrese Gibson's Ex-Wife Says He's the Reason He's Not Getting Work -- It's Not Her Fault

Tyrese filed court docs last week claiming he’s too broke to foot the bill for his ex-wife’s legal bills because he’s been having a hard time getting work.

Norma filed a response, alleging the reason he can’t get work has nothing to do with her domestic violence claims — but his own behavior.

via TMZ:

Norma claims his movie career is flailing because he got into a public beef with Dwayne Johnson … and that was all his fault — not hers.

We broke the story — Tyrese says he’s only raking in $51k a month but his expenses are more than $113k, so he’s too strapped for cash to cover anything else for her.

Norma calls BS and slams Tyrese … saying “his extravagant lifestyle and over $113,000 in monthly bills is his choice.” Besides … she believes he should have money from other sources to cover her attorney fees.

Translation — flourishing movie career or not … Norma wants her money.

We’re going to have to side with Norma on this one.

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