Tyrese Files Documents Detailing His Financial Situation, He Says He Has No Money

Tyrese might need to dance to make some money moves.

According to his latest court filing, he owes a bunch of money.

via TMZ:

Tyrese submitted legal docs to the court in his ongoing war with ex-wife Norma Gibson, detailing his financials.  

The actor pulls in $105,686 every month. That’s sweet, except when you look at what he spends.  Tyrese says his monthly net is $107,576, which puts him in the red.

The docs say Tyrese has $884,658 in the bank. He also has real property worth around $1.7 mil.

There’s another problem … he owes his lawyers $133,750.

Yikes. Now we see why he’s so dependent on that next ‘Fast and Furious’ check.

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