Tyler Perry Is Officially A Billionaire, According to Forbes

Tyler Perry is a billionaire!

According to Forbes, the media mogul has accumulated a net worth to put him in the coveted billionaire’s club alongside his former OWN collaborator Oprah.

via TMZ:

The numbers are in … here’s a breakdown of how Forbes is calculating Tyler’s milestone net worth:

— $320 million for his entire library of movies, TV shows, plays, etc., as he owns 100% of the content he’s created

— $300 million in cash and investments

— $280 million for Tyler Perry Studios, which sits on 330 acres in Georgia

— $60 million for his equity stake in BET+, the streaming service that debuted last year.

— $40 million in homes and toys

If anyone deserves to be a billionaire, it’s Tyler Perry. Congrats!

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