Tyga Sued for $1.6 Million, Woman Claims He Stole Her Clothing Idea


It’s been a rough few weeks for Tyga…

The rapper has just been slapped with a $1.6 million lawsuit by a woman who claims he stole her clothing concept.

via TMZ:

According to the docs … Tyga and Chuon Guen Lee formed the clothing line Last Kings in January 2013 — and she says Tyga promised to heavily promote the line and get it on shelves in the popular clothing chain, Tilly’s.

Lee says none of those things happened, and then Tyga made off with more than half a mil in merch. The real kick in the gut — she says he started another company with another partner, and cleverly named it … Egypt Kings.

Needless to say, Lee is not amused by the wordplay. She’s suing Tyga and his new partner for $1.6 mil, plus damages. 

From one scandal to the next…

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