Tyga Reportedly Became Ill and Lost His Memory When Asked How Much Money He Spends on Kylie Jenner


Tyga allegedly had some ‘medical issues’ today while sitting with the lawyer for a jeweler suing him for $200,000.

via TMZ:

Celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills hauled Tyga into a hearing to determine if he has enough money to satisfy a $200k judgment for a fancy chain and timepiece.

Tyga, who flipped off our photog and aimed a pretend gun at him on the way in, was pretty accommodating, telling Jason’s lawyer, Boris Treyzon, about his income and what he owns. But then Treyzon started grilling Tyga about various gifts he’s given Kylie, and that triggered a 911-type emergency.

We’re told Tyga said he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn’t go on.

The tricky part … Kylie has cooed openly on social media about various gifts she’s received from her BF, including a Mercedes as a birthday present. If he can afford that, he can afford to pay Jason. But, if Tyga says he didn’t give Kylie all that stuff, he’s effectively saying she’s a social media liar.

The hearing’s been rescheduled for November 1st … the same day Kylie’s set to come infor a separate interview. 

We would love to see video of this. Can you imagine Tyga pretend falling out in the middle of his questioning? Hilarious.

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