Good for Him: Tyga Has Paid Off (Some Of) His Debt


Tyga dropped $100,000 and has paid off some of his jewelry debt — and now Kylie Jenner won’t have to answer questions related to his finances.

We smell Kris Jenner all over this.

via TMZ:

Tyga has paid half the $200k plus interest he owes to Jason of Beverly Hills, the jeweler who got a judgment against the rapper. TMZ broke the story … Jason’s lawyers recently grilled Tyga on his assets, and even subpoenaed Kylie to get to the bottom of Tyga’s finances.

But the rapper’s lawyer appeared in court Tuesday and told the judge Tyga’s making good on the debt … at least a chunk of it. 

The lawyer says the entire debt will be paid by November 17th.

We’re told Tyga himself is footing the bill, not the Kardashian klan.

Good for him.

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