Two White Supremacists Arrested for Hate Crimes After Attacking Black Folks Inside a Vehicle in California [Video]

Two white supremacists were arrested Friday for attacking a vehicle with a shovel.

During the attack, the woman yelled at the people inside the car, “only white lives matter,” and her husband threw up the Nazi salute declaring “white power.”

via TMZ:

The incident went down in Torrance, CA, when Gregory and Rachel Howell got involved in a road rage incident … this according to the Torrence Police Dept.

The woman inside the vehicle recorded the confrontation. The hateful comments and gestures apparently weren’t enough for the married couple, because the guy went back to his truck, grabbed a shovel from his pickup truck and used it to go wild on the car, striking it several times before the driver beat a hasty retreat.

The incident went down a week ago, and the couple was arrested Friday for vandalism and hate crimes.

Watch video of the incident below.


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On my birthday JULY 22. 2020 I experience racism in a extremely traumatic way. Today on my 25th birthday I was a victim of racism and so was my boyfriend who is black. We were being harassed for miles . Until we came to a red light . When all this happened They hit the car . Cause damaged to his car . This happened on Artesia and Prairie around 10:23pm. We ended up getting away from there . We got there license plate . Please share ! This happened in the city of Torrance CA. LICENSE PLATE: 51922T2 UPDATE : NO ARREST HAS BEEN MADE . It’s been 10 days now WHATS TAKING SO LONG FOR AN ARREST ? @torrancepolice This is ridiculous. If it were the other way around we would of been arrested by now. It’s BS. | | #RACISM #Share #black lives matter #blmanhwa

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