Twitter Stunned As Trump Calls for Protesters to Rebel Against State Lockdowns

“I’m no virologist but encouraging civil unrest during a pandemic seems ill advised.”

Donald Trump has called on Americans to rebel against the coronavirus lockdown the government itself is implementing.

One day after angry residents held protests against the stay-at-home orders, the President used Twitter to call for the liberation of three states — three states which have Democratic governors.

“LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” “LIBERATE VIRGINIA” he posted in three separate tweets, adding to the final one “and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

The tweets were instantly met with fury and utter disbelief online, with many users accusing the POTUS of inciting violence.

A day earlier, Trump’s Coronavirus task force announced that the decision of when to reopen each state will be largely left to individual governors.

This coincided with massive protests in the three states, as residents — mainly Trump supporters, judging by the flags — demanded the strict social distancing laws be lifted.

In Michigan, “Operation Gridlock” saw thousands get in their cars and converge in the state capital, many of them openly carrying guns, but not necessarily wearing masks, and chanting “lock her up!” at Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In Minnesota, protesters descended on the home of Governor Tim Walz.

“A small segment of the state is protesting and that’s their right,” Gov Whitmer told CNN. “The sad part is, though, that the more they’re out and about, the more likely they are to spread Covid-19 and the more likely we’re going to have to take this posture for a longer period of time.”

While Trump has continuously hinted at reopening the country on an ever-shifting date just around the corner, health officials — including Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Deborah Brix, who are the faces of the White House’s fight against the virus — continue to advise staying at home and maintaining social distancing, as they attempt to flatten the curve of the spread and protect health systems from being overwhelmed.

See some of the angry reactions to Trump’s tweets below:

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