Twitter Is Rolling Out A ‘Super Follows’ Feature, So You Can Make Money Off All Your Good Tweets [Photos]

Twitter is exploring new products, including a Super Follow feature that’ll let users pay creators, and groups that make it easier to chat about interests.

via: Uproxx

Twitter is a social media platform that has evolved considerably since its invention. We’re a long way away from simply texting things that are 140 characters long at this point in the platform’s existence. Now there are voice messages, and basically everything except an edit button because that would undo a significant fundamental of the microblogging platform in the first place.

Anyway, users will apparently get the chance to monetize their Good Tweets by putting them behind a paywall with a new feature called Super Follows.

Essentially, the program would allow users to make certain tweets only available to those that pay to see it. It could be a good joke, or some added context to something the rest of Twitter gets to see. It’s really up to whomever decides they deserve to be super followed.

The news came out of Twitter’s Virtual Analyst Day, which showed off what’s next for the platform. The inevitable comparisons to OnlyFans and Patreon were made pretty much right away. And monetization directly through Twitter could be a huge opportunity for revenue, both for the people tweeting and the company itself. but to say that people reacted to the news with skepticism would be a very big understatement.

Twitter also announced on Thursday that it’s starting Communities, which is sort of like Facebook groups. Sort of.

That announcement seems aimed at keeping people on Twitter to talk to their friends rather than chat in a Slack channel while bringing all the bad Tweets in there to laugh at. We’ll have to wait and see if tweets sent to Super Follows will be viewed in there or not.

Y’all gonna be paying for twitter content?

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