Trump Supporters Paint Over 'Black Lives Matter' Street Mural, Now Wanted By Police [Video]

Two Trump supporters decided to paint over the ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural the city approved, and now they’re wanted by police.

via TMZ:

This went down Saturday in the city of Martinez, CA — where a large mural reading “BLM” was stenciled and filled in with paint by the people there in front of their local courthouse — something city officials approved and even advertised as a community-led holiday event.

The painting of the mural was scheduled from 9 AM to 3 PM, but not too long after folks there finished up the job … these two boneheads rolled up and did a paint job of their own.

The woman here — who appeared to be rocking a MAGA-themed shirt — started applying black paint over the letters with a roller … she began with the B and then moved on to the L in a sloppy rush — as people around them started to film and get in their face about it.

She had a man with her who was definitely wearing Trump 2020 gear — and he was standing by and filming the encounter himself, getting into shouting matches with bystanders and telling them they were brainwashed, and that racism was a liberal hoax. Seriously …

The witnesses got footage of their truck as well as their license plate. Eventually, the couple scrammed before they could finish their defacement … things were getting heated.

Now, Martinez Police says they’re looking for these two and plan to arrest them for defacing the mural … which, again, was a city-sanctioned thing. Sounds like they might be facing a simple vandalism charge — the cops were hesitant to call this a hate crime quite yet.

And, of course, Twitter was quick to label them the newest “Karen” and “Kevin” — but we’ll just resort to calling them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass. Probably more accurate.

The city should not only punish them with jail time, but they should also be either forced to pay a fine to have it repainted or be subjected to community service and paint it back themselves.

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