Trick Daddy Gets Gold Grills Removed After 30 Years, Hadn't Been to Dentist in 15 Years [Photos]

Trick Daddy has officially ended an era — with his gold teeth, which were in dire need of an upgrade after 30 years of service!!!

via: Vlad TV

The owner of the business, Danielle Noguera, spoke to TMZ, revealing that Trick Daddy had significant decay under his gold grills after refusing to go to the dentist for 15 years. The decay was so bad, Trick Daddy had to undergo bone graft surgery, and he now has temporary fillings on his upper teeth until his gums heal. Noguera also revealed that Trick Daddy will continue with the process and get his lower teeth done next week.

Altogether, the process to get Trick Daddy porcelain veneers will take about two months. So far, he has spent $60,000 on the procedure, which will be documented in full on Love & Hip Hop: Miami later this year.

You can check out pictures of the work below.

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