Travis Scott Settles Nightclub Dispute with Victim, Criminal Charges Still Loom

Travis Scott has cleared one major hurdle in the nightclub dispute where he allegedly damaged equipment and assaulted a sound engineer; while the criminal investigation remains open.

via: HipHopDX

According to TMZ, La Flame agreed a settlement with the bosses at Nebula in NYC after allegedly damaging over $12,000 worth of equipment during a dispute with a sound engineer on March 1. It’s unclear how much Scott coughed up.

While the civil aspect of the incident is now in his rearview, the Cactus Jack honcho could still face criminal charges as an “open investigation” into the case remains.

However, TMZ believes that it’s unlikely charges will be filed as the alleged victim has reportedly stopped cooperating with authorities.

Scott was in town to support his Cactus Jack signee Don Toliver, who had a show in the Big Apple on February 28 following the release of his new album Love Sick.

The Houston rager allegedly got into an argument with the Nebula sound engineer after he turned down the volume during his DJ set.

An eyewitness said Scott confronted the engineer and began “yelling aggressively in his face on why he lowered the sound. Then he smack[ed] the soundman right across the face.”

Following the incident, the alleged victim was taken to the hospital and recalled the events in an interview with FOX 5 NY. According to the sound man, he had tried to meet Travis halfway, but the rapper proved to be a difficult customer.

“I was trying to tell him to lower [the volume] so it sounded good for the performance, but he just stuck his middle finger in my face,” he said from a hospital bed. “So I lowered the monitor a little bit so I could talk to him, and that’s when he ran around the speaker and attacked me.”

Detailing his injuries from the alleged attack, the man said: “Obviously, my neck is fucked up. My arm is tingling; I have pins and needles going down it.”

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