Too Far: InTouch Photoshops Bruce Jenner with a Face Full of Makeup for Their Cover [Photo]

bruce jenner makeup lovebscott

Bruce Jenner is on the cover of the latest issue of InTouch Weekly — and he’s ‘wearing’ makeup.

According to TMZ, sources close to Bruce’s ex-wife Kris say she’s completely outraged.

The cover is shocking … Bruce has never said he’s going down the road to change his sex, but the cover reads that way. Kris is telling friends, “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.”

Her reaction is interesting and somewhat equivocal, but she’s saying she has contempt for the mag jumping to conclusions and then altering the image to fit its story. 

Since Bruce Jenner IS a celebrity and constantly photographed, we’ve witnessed over the last few months how he’s been experimenting with his appearance — but he has every right to do so.

Bruce also has a right to exist however he wants to without some magazine transforming him into someone else to fit their narrative.

If Bruce was out and about wearing makeup, we’d see it. However, he’s not (at this point) and we should respect that.

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