Toni Braxton Testifies as Victim in $2.5 Million Jewelry Theft [Video]

Remember when Toni Braxton said someone stole her engagement ring, some watches, and other jewelry totaling millions?

Well, that case is still ongoing and Toni maintains that she was robbed.

via TMZ:

A guy who works for an airplane cleaning service is on trial for allegedly rifling through a piece of carry-on luggage she forgot after landing in L.A. We’re told three other employees from the cleaning service say they were on the Delta jet and saw the defendant pilfer Toni’s $1 million engagement ring, 4 super expensive watches — including 2 Rolex’s and a Cartier — and 2 pairs of vintage earrings. The grand total of the theft — $2.5 MILLION.

The bad news — the jewelry is still missing. Birdman gave Toni the ring when he proposed to her in February 2018. As for why the ring wasn’t on her finger during the JFK to LAX flight … because her fingers tend to swell when she flies as a result of a medical condition — lupus.

On her way out of court Toni told us she hopes the thief has some remorse and gives her the jewelry back … especially the engagement ring.

We still don’t understand who forgets a bag carrying $2.5 million worth of jewelry — but hey!

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