Toni Braxton Loses Rights to Songs in Bankruptcy Deal


The battle may be over, but Toni Braxton is still dealing with repercussions of her bankruptcy settlement.

The deal Braxton struck with her creditors to settle her debt included a provision to where she could buy her music catalogue back for $20,000.

However, within that provision it was allowed that she could be outbid for the music. As it turns out, she was outbid and lost the rights to 27 of her songs. The music was purchased by a man named Ross M. Klein who paid double Braxton’s offer.

Included in the lost songs are early Toni Braxton hits like “How Many Ways,” “You’re Makin’ Me high,” and “Always.” Fortunately for Toni, her signature ballad “Un-Break My Heart” wasn’t part of the collection of songs sold.

via TMZ

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