Tom Brady Gets Trashed Three Times as Kimmel's Mean Tweets Targets the NFL [Video]

Savage roasts blast the likes of Sony Michel, Travis Kelce, Michael Irvin, Todd Gurley, Patrick Mahomes, Terry Bradshaw and more … just in time for Super Bowl weekend!

As if it isn’t a bitter enough sting for most of the players in the NFL heading into a Super Bowl weekend that they won’t be participating in, Jimmy Kimmel unleashed his latest Mean Tweets, aimed directly at them, just in time for the big game.

As usual, there were some deep cuts, some hilarious burns and some downright strange insults. But the best is always the different ways in which the celebrities handle being skewered by their not-so-adoring fans.

Tom Brady, who probably has more of those than anyone else in professional football, was incredibly well represented in the segment, appearing no less than three times.

Two of them kicked off with the classic expression “f–k you, Tom Brady,” two of them touched on the fact that he’s been known to get so passionate about the game he cries — “I do cry, too,” he laughed — and one crossed a line that even Jimmy Kimmel had to concede was too far.

Sony Michel got to deal with an electronics play on his name, which was far more clever than the crass insult lobbed at Corey Clement. His response was simply, “Nah, you hold mine.”

Jay Ajayi found his technique on-the-field compared to Tom Hanks’ Oscar-winning performance as one Forrest Gump, who just kept running and running and running. As for Tom Gurley, they actually didn’t make fun of his name … though he might wish they had.

For the most part, the players took their hits in stride just like they do on the gridiron, but Terry Bradshaw had some choice words thrown back at the guy who insulted both his intelligence and his hairline.

As for Michael Irvin, apparently having no insults to sling at his legendary playing career, his “fan” instead decided to target his impeccable and unique style. Irvin’s response was just to sit and smile. Okay, it was a pretty funny burn, too, but Michael knows he looks good.

A little bit of trash talk is commonplace in sports at all levels, so by the time anyone makes it pro they’ve probably heard and said pretty much everything. These guys were certainly good sports about Kimmel’s latest barrage of insults, apprecating the good ones, groaning at the stinkers, and sometimes all you can do is stare at the camera.

[via TooFab]

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