TMZ Reporter Van Lathan Says He's Seen Footage of Nicki Minaj Chasing Safaree with a Knife [Video]

Safaree and Nicki Minaj let the internet UP yesterday with their back-and-forth spat over — everything.

In the midst of their argument, Safaree revealed that Nicki Minaj once stabbed him so bad he ‘almost died.’

Well, TMZ’s Van Lathan says they’ve seen footage of Nicki chasing Safaree around with a knife.

“We’ve actually seen the video here at TMZ, back in 2014, that shows Nicki chasing Safaree with a knife,” Van told Power 106. “We should say, don’t know what happened after that. Couples get into it, sometimes things get heated. There’s no reason why you should be chasing someone with a knife, but we don’t know if Nicki actually stabbed him with a knife.”

Who knows if the video will ever surface, but it definitely backs up Safaree’s claims of abuse. 

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