Tisha Campbell's Ex-Husband Duane Martin Claims She's Mentally Unstable

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin’s divorce is getting even uglier.

Earlier in their proceedings she accused Duane of stealing — and now he says she’s only accusing him because she’s having mental breakdowns.

via TMZ:

Duane makes the claims in new divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — saying he’s concerned about her mental and emotional well-being. In the docs, Duane says Tisha had multiple breakdowns, including a “severe” episode back in August 2017, and she’s become paranoid and anxious.

Tisha’s ex also claims she’s not herself anymore, and says she’s been “fabricating stories that clearly are untrue.” Duane also claims she’s been “raging” against others.

According to the docs, Duane’s legal team had to take breaks during Tisha’s deposition because she was unable to control her emotions.

A source close to Tisha calls the new allegations “nonsense” and a continuation of the “gaslighting” he did to her throughout their marriage. We’re also told Tisha’s working on a new sitcom set to debut in the fall, plus a couple of high-profile reality shows.

Point being … she’s doing just fine post-Duane.

As we reported … back in February, Tisha and Duane reached a temporary custody deal for handling exchanges of their kids. At the time, it seemed like a promising sign in their nasty split.

Tisha may be unstable, but at least she’s steel here.

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