We're Tired: Louisiana Police Shoot and Kill Black Man Walking Away [Video]

A Black man was fatally shot and killed by cops as he walked away from them.

The officers fired 11 shots.

via TMZ:

The man was at a gas station in Lafayette, Louisiana when someone called police to report a disturbance. At least half a dozen police arrived, and according to the eyewitness –who shot the video — he appeared to be holding a knife.

You hear cops order the man on the ground, but he continues to walk. The woman who shot the video says she saw police tase him, but he was still upright.

As the man reaches the door of the gas station convenience store, shots ring out — 11 shots, and the man is dead.

A spokesperson from the Louisiana State Police says the man was involved in an altercation in an intersection. It’s unclear from police reports, but it appears cops may have followed the man for half a mile before the fatal encounter at the gas station.

The officers have all been placed on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation.

According to the police department, the man was shot because he was about to enter a convenience store with what they say was a knife.

Still — police do not get to function as judge, jury, and executioner.

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