N*de TikTok Challenge Takes Off During Coronavirus Isolation [Video]

Be warned: the prank is moving to self-quarantined workers on conference calls…

Some men locked in isolation with their significant others are left with a tough decision — s*x or gaming — and a new trend on TikTok is revealing which trumps which.

Users on the video-sharing app have been capturing their boyfriends’ hilarious reactions when they walk — completely n*ked — in on them while they play video games.

The challenge sees TikTokers film their walk, usually straight from the shower, while their headset-wearing men are completely engrossed in their consoles.

Removing their towels and flinging them at their heads usually triggers some mild annoyance… until the penny drops when they catch a glimpse of their stark n*ked SOs.

Of course, the filmer never appears n*de on camera, but the look on their boyfriends’ faces tells you all you need to now.

No matter what the game, the vast majority don’t even wait to pause it, dropping the controllers and tearing off their headsets quicker than Sonic in a pair of speed shoes; one guy is so keen to “take a break” he literally loses control of his sprint and wipes out in the hallway.

However, not everyone downed controllers when their n*de boos walked in; one gamer shrugged and continued playing, leaving his spurned lover to sulk into the camera.

While (mainly) women have been trying the distraction challenge over the weekend, now that everyone is back to working from home, the prank is shifting to new targets: self-quarantined workers on conference calls.

So if you see a colleague suddenly look shocked and then quickly excuse themselves before disappearing off Zoom today — you know where they might be going.

[via TooFab]

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