Tiger Woods Wins His First Pro Golf Tournament Since 2013 [Video]

Tiger Woods is back on top — and it has nothing to do with his love of women.

The pro-golfer just won his first PGA Tour since 2013.

via TMZ:

Tiger came out on top Sunday during the PGA Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Course in Georgia, where he finished 11 under par … and 2 strokes ahead of Billy Horschel, who came in 2nd. 

The final hole was crazy … a massive crowd of spectators followed Tiger as he approached the green and hit his way out of a sand trap. He had a chance for birdie, but had to settle for par after he missed the hole by mere centimeters. It got the job done though … and people lost it.

During his exit interview where he was asked what he proved to himself, Tiger said … “It was just a grind out there, and I loved every bit of it.” He went on to say about his return to form … “At the beginning of the year, certainly, that was a tall order. But as the year progressed, and I proved that I could play, I found a swing and put pieces together. And, I knew I could do it again.”

His interview was interrupted by a massive “TIGER” chant behind him, and it nearly moved TW to tears. At win #80 … we’ll say the comeback is complete.

Congrats, Tiger!

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