Tiger King Castmembers Join Cameo to Bring Personalized Messages to Fans

The personalized videos range from $50 to $108.

Hey all you cool cats and kittens — there is now a way you can connect with your favorite “Tiger King” stars.

Castmembers Jeff Lowe, Joshua Dial, Saff, and Tawny and Kody Antle have all joined Cameo, an online service that enables fans to purchase personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities.

“Whether it’s to wish you a happy birthday, tell you to stay inside or give you life advice, the cast of Tiger King has you covered,” the company wrote in the description. “You may even get a special appearance from one of their exotic pets!”

“Tiger King” — the wild, seven-part Netflix docu-series — focuses on the years-long battle between Carole Baskin and Joseph Maldonado-Passage a.k.a “Joe Exotic,” the now-imprisoned polygamist who presided over a rival exotic animal park was convicted of trying to hire someone to kill her.

Meanwhile, getting your personalized Cameo video from a castmember might cost you more than you would expect as prices are varied, ranging from $50 to $108. For example, a clip from Jeff Lowe, Joe Exotic’s ex-business partner who now runs the zoo, is $75, while a video message from Bhagavan “Doc” Antle’s children, Kody, 30, and Tawny, 25, cost $108 and $95, respectively.

See the full list of prices below:

Kelci Saffery a.k.a “Saff”: $50

Jeff Lowe: $75

Joshua Dial: $50

Kody Antle: $108

Tawny Antle: $95

While the five stars are the only ones who have joined in so far, Cameo teases more are expected to participate. In the meantime, the current castmembers on Cameo have already sent out some videos to fans.

You can check them out and purchase yours here.

“Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is streaming now on Netflix.

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