This Is What Kim Kardashian Did When a Drunk, Naked Woman Tried to Kick Down Her Hotel Room Door in France


Poor pregnant Kim K.

The reality star was in for a rude awakening when a drunk woman began banging and kicking on her hotel room door Wednesday… at four in the morning.

Kim, who’s in France for the Cannes Lions Festival, was not a happy camper and yelled at the woman to leave. When the woman refused, Kim went to check out the scene, and that’s when she was treated to the woman’s naked lady parts.

You read correctly: the woman lifted up her dress and flashed Kim multiple times.

According to TMZ, three security guards had to remove the drunk woman.

Luckily, Kim was a good sport about the entire ordeal and sent out the following tweets:

Snip20150624_16 Snip20150624_17 Snip20150624_18 Snip20150624_19

Oh, what we’d give to see that video…

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