Teyana Taylor’s Daughter Junie Checks Fans Fighting at Her Mother’s Concert [Video]

Teyana Taylor and her daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. are trending after a video surfaced of Junie’s rant at a recent concert.

via: Uproxx

Teyana Taylor is currently gearing up for retirement from music by going on one last show-stopping tour. During her performances, Taylor’s adorable daughter Junie, who is five years old and already probably more Instagram-famous than you, oftentimes makes an appearance on stage. During a recent set, Junie made it clear that she inherited her mother’s fearless spirit because she stopped the show to scold the crowd for fighting during her song.

“Ain’t no f*cking fighting while my baby’s performing,” Taylor told the crowd and Junie clearly agreed. She reprimanded the audience for causing a disturbance and made it clear she had every intention of keeping the show moving. “Whoever has gotten sassy, they need to get out,” Junie said, continuing with: “If you don’t play my music, I’m beating y’all up.”

It was far from the first time Taylor has stopped one of her performances due to some commotion in the crowd. Earlier this month, the singer was performed a show at Los Angeles’ The Novo theater when she noticed member of the crowd was looking queasy and slumped over the barrier. Taylor then paused her set to make sure the fan was OK. She instructed security guards to pull the fan out of the packed crowd and sit them down until they were feeling alright.

Watch fan-captured footage of Taylor and her daughter Junie above.

Don’t mess with Junie.

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