Texas NBC Weather Forecaster Found Dead After 'Confessing Her Sins' on Facebook

Her 19-year-old son committed suicide two years ago.

A Texas weather forecaster was found dead on Sunday — the same day she revealed she had been groomed and abused at high school.

Kelly Plasker, a popular morning host with NBC affiliate KCBD NewsChannel 11, posted a “final confession for the sins I am responsible for” on Facebook, in which she claimed she had been manipulated into a relationship by a man twice her age.

Her death was confirmed by colleagues at her station on Sunday night; while a cause of death has not yet been revealed, the news broadcast closed their tribute to her by discussing suicide prevention.

“I got thrown off course in high school by a man twice my age,” she writes in her tragic final post. “My band director, using his time at Frenship high school to find his new ‘soul mate!'”

“He was supposed to be somebody looking out for me, but instead of looking out for me he looked at me in ways that men should not look at children.? And I realize now that predators pick off easy prey. Particularly those without much family support or resources.”

“The bad habits and games being in that 5 year long relationship can be called grooming and abusive at times call it total manipulation. I have unfortunately carried into relationships of mine that would’ve probably been beautiful had I not been convinced that I wasn’t worthy that I was never going to be good enough for anybody with which I can make memories and grow old together.”

“He snuffed out my future and my ambitions in the most influential time of my life, my prime when I had so many doors and opportunities to explore but he was selfish convincing me that he didn’t want me to leave Lubbock Texas..”

She went on to say many more women had contacted her with similar stories; “only now realizing how perversely pervasive, things situations which are still happening in our school systems MUST STOP!”

She concluded: “Thanks all I needed to get out there as my final confession for the sins I am responsible for adding to the cross.”

“I love you my friends. My brain is broken and I cannot take it anymore.”

Two years ago, Plasker’s 19-year-old son Thomas took his own life. Just last month she posted a tribute to him on Facebook, with the hashtags #SuicideSucks #FlyHighTogether.

“Experts say stopping suicide means increasing the conversations about mental and emotional health,” her colleague, anchor Kase Wilbanks said during her tribute on Sunday night.

“They say to reach out for help, so ask for help if you’re struggling or have had thoughts of suicide. Everyone should educate themselves on warning signs for those we love.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or has had thoughts of harming themselves or taking their own life, get help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) provides 24/7, free, confidential support for people in distress.

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