Tessica Brown aka '#GorillaGlueGirl' Announces She's Pregnant: 'Blessed' [Photo]

Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral earlier this year after using Gorilla Glue in her hair, is pregnant.

via People:

According to TMZ, Brown, 40, is expecting her first child with fiancé Dewitt Madison, and the baby on the way will join their family, which includes kids from previous relationships: she is mom to five children and he has four kids of his own. The pair became engaged in June 2020, the outlet reported.

Brown confirmed the pregnancy news on Instagram, sharing an image of the TMZ report and writing in the caption, “?? Blessed.”

From St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, Brown posted the now-viral TikTok explaining that she had used Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive Heavy Duty on her hair after she ran out of her go-to hairspray. The glue caused her hair to be unmovable for a month. In mid-February, she underwent surgery and could once again run her fingers through her hair.

Brown told PEOPLE last month that her plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, is “some type of miracle worker; I’m telling you, this man is amazing.”

“When she came to us, she had a lot of anxiety, and the first goal was to curb that anxiety, make her less anxious,” the Los Angeles doctor previously told PEOPLE, adding that Brown was in a lot of pain. “Imagine what it’s like to have your scalp constantly under tension for a whole month. The hair was all matted down and stuck to the scalp, and you can’t move it, it’s like wood or glass.”

Obeng added, “You should have seen the tears of joy when she could finally run her fingers through her hair. That young lady has been through a lot, and I’m glad that she has finally has this, and that she is finding relief, and she’s gone on to her normal life now.”

Going forward, Brown said she plans to “embrace” her natural hair, something she’s encouraging other women to do as well.

“I just want everybody, the women my age, the women older than me, the little children, my children — we need to really realize our hair really don’t make us,” she said. “If I would’ve just left out of here without spraying [the Gorilla Glue], it would’ve gotten messed up, I wouldn’t have went through all of this. It’s not worth it at all.”

Let’s just hope she knows what and what not to use in her baby’s hair.


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