Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Michelle Ghent Wins Appeal, Terrence Must Now Pay Spousal Support

Terrence Howard has been ordered to shell out cash for ex-wife Michelle Ghent after she got a court judgement overturned in her favor.

via TMZ:

According to court docs, Michelle Ghent Howard, got a ruling on their spousal support overturned. Two years ago, Terrence convinced the court he’d been forced to sign their marital settlement under duress. He claimed she was threatening to go public with naked photos and videos.

At the time, he’d been paying her $5,800 per month.

Michelle appealed that ruling and the judges agreed with her argument — that Terrence was NOT under duress because too much time had passed between the threat and Terrence signing the agreement. The court said it was more like Terrence had “buyer’s remorse” — and he had other options besides signing on the dotted lines. 

For instance, the court said he could have gone to the police if he felt Michelle was blackmailing him.

The appeal victory means the marital settlement is reinstated, and Terrence will have to start paying spousal support again. It’s unclear how much he’ll have to pay.

It’s a good thing he has that good ‘Empire’ job.

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