Teairra Mari's Restraining Order Against 50 Cent Gets Denied By the Judge

Teairra Mari’s request for a restraining order against 50 Cent has been denied.

via TMZ:

As we reported … Teairra went after her ex, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, and his friend, 50, claiming they teamed up to spread images of her on Instagram that included Teairra with ejaculate all over her face.

She went to court to get a restraining order against them to stop sharing the photo … but the judge has now denied that motion. And according to Lisa Bloom, the judge denied the request “because she was not convinced that the photo 50 Cent posted, with ejaculate on our client’s face, showed her ‘engaging’ in a sexual act.”

Bloom also claims the judge wasn’t convinced 50 would post the photo again. Lisa took the judge to task saying, “Common sense dictates that photo of a woman with ejaculate on her face clearly depicts a sex act, and is the kind of humiliation the revenge porn law was designed to ban.”

As for Akbar, he’s scheduled to face the judge later this month. 

Whether she was ‘engaging’ or had ‘engaged’ in a sexual act is one heck of a technicality for the judge to get hung up on — wouldn’t you agree?

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