Teacher Sentenced to Death for Poisoning 25 Kindergartener's Porridge

One of the children died.

A kindergarten teacher in China has been sentenced to death for poisoning 25 children.

Wang Yun was arrested last year after she fed the students porridge laced with sodium nitrite.

One of the children died after spending ten months in hospital, BBC reported.

The attack occurred in March of 2019 in a kindergarten school in Jiaozuo city; police were called after the children collectively began vomiting and falling unconscious.

According to prosecutors, Wang Yun’s motive was revenge against another teacher at the school, after a dispute over “student management issues”.

While sodium nitrate is used as a food additive in processed meats, it can be highly toxic in large amounts.

Prosecutors argued Yun knew exactly what she was doing, as it was not her first time poisoning someone with it.

In February 2017, she also used the chemical to poison her husband by spiking his drink with it after a “trivial argument” with him, causing him to fall ill.

Describing her actions as “despicable,” the court sentenced her to death.

She will be executed by either lethal injection or firing squad.

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